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Work with us to Discover, Develop and Share Pacific knowledge

Work with us to Discover, Develop and Share Pacific knowledge that will…

Empower you and enable you to build a successful future for our Pacific learners.

Support you to develop culturally appropriate pedagogy for engaging our Pacific Learners and their whānau.

Support you to incorporate Pacific content and culture within our Early Childhood Practices.

Support leaders and teachers encouraging and enabling them to respond to the diversity of their Pacific Cultures.

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O tu, aganu’u, ma agaifanua a le tamaititi o le a le mafaionaulufaleatu I le potuaoga sei vaganauafa’atauaina ma faaulufaleinamuamua I le loto ma le agaga o le faiaoga.

The culture of the child cannot enter the classroom until it has first entered the consciousness of the teacher.

In joining us there will be opportunities to:

  • Build your cultural intelligence making you a better teacher and leader in engaging Pacific learners and whānau.
  • Grow your knowledge about the Pacific languages and cultures, building your confidence and capability to deliver a rich and meaningful curriculum for your Pacific Learners.
  • Understand and appropriately apply cultural values and practices that underpin Pacific people’s views and aspirations.
  • Expand your curriculum, integrating culturally appropriate practices, experiences and concepts into your curriculum delivery.
  • Expand your inclusive education practices, ensuring you support the rights of children in ECE and supporting priority learners.
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your health and safety practices.
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your premises and facilities.
  • Integrate cultural practices and concepts into your GMA practices.
  • Develop and build your services Pacific Strategic Plan.

SIAPO, is a New Zealand initiative, led by qualified and professional practitioners, developing and designing professional learning resources with the cultural context of Pacific children placed front and centre.

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